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I'm Kattya Cruz, Marketing Expert.

I am a business enthusiast with experience managing international brands, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Working with startups and medium and large companies has given me a balanced perspective and exposure to agile project development in different areas, always with a business vision.

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What I Do

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Thanks to Kurago Biotek,  I have more than 10 years in the food and beverages industry based on innovation and fermentation, creating multiple solutions for Vegan and nonvegan markets. 

I co-founded a Mexican biotech company and transferred it to the German market. We build business models, lead market research, create pitches and collaborate with external agencies for communication material and market research. I also led the project to build a website and online store for food products tailored to the German market.



I worked in project management for government funds to foster partnerships and collaborations with cross-functional teams between Continental, government, and startups.

I was also the project manager for Innovation prototypes for new trends in cooperation with students from all over Mexico. The project is called Trend Antenna with Continental.


Rubber and plastic

For ContiTech I Develop positive relationships with business partners, identify potential partners, manage international relationships, oversee project management for digital and non-digital solutions, coordinate events, and create communication materials.



As the head of marketing and communications for Hamburg-México e.V., I am proud to be part of a non-profit organization I co-founded after the devastating 2017 earthquake in Mexico. We aim to promote cultural integration between Mexico and Germany by supporting foreigners. This experience has taught me to think innovatively and has given me valuable insights to give back to my community.

 Hamburg-Mexico e.v.



“Growing up in a family with a furniture factory has been an incredible opportunity for me. Through my involvement in various aspects of the business, including manufacturing, negotiation, and customer service, I have developed a hands-on mentality and a thirst for learning. As a leader, I constantly strive to build on these experiences and inspire others to be open to new opportunities and challenges.”This has always been key to having this hands-on mentality, and as a leader, be open to learning.

TiguiYagui Muebles 


Medical Devices ​

I develop marketing strategies and integrate new digital technologies for customers in collaboration with external agencies. Additionally, I create KPIs to support data-driven decision-making and plan audio-visual material for social media. I coordinate international webinars, workshops, and digital conferences and manage events and conferences worldwide. Moreover, I have developed an international trade show tool called the Mini Booth and a digital platform for healthcare experts and distributors.