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I am a business enthusiast with experience managing international brands, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Working with startups and medium and large companies has given me a balanced perspective and exposure to agile project development in different areas, always with a business vision.

Welcome to my unique professional journey, a blend of creativity, entrepreneurship, and innovation!

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With ten years of rich experience in branding, innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship, I am passionate about transforming visionary concepts into functional realities. My career has been a dynamic blend of creative software mastery and relentless commitment to elevating project quality through innovative solutions.

My story begins at seven, thanks to my entrepreneurial parents. I vividly remember helping my mom hand out samples on the street and at trade shows, learning firsthand the importance of customer engagement and communication. These early experiences laid the foundation for my entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to delivering genuine customer value.

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International Entrepreneurship

One of the greatest personal and professional lesson

I took on the challenge of working as the CMO for Kurago Biotek in Münster, where we successfully introduced the first Mexican biotech to the European market. This experience taught me the value of adapting to a different culture, building strong partnerships, and creating strategies that can be implemented globally.

However, the project eventually came to an end, and I faced the harsh reality of losing my job, having no money, and being unable to pay my rent. But I refused to give up. Instead, I chose to keep moving forward, even when it seemed impossible. This moment of adversity taught me that resilience is key and that I can overcome any obstacle by remaining steadfast in my pursuit of success.

Today, I am grateful for the lessons learned during this experience and proud of the person I have become.

As a branding expert deeply immersed in innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship, one of my greatest joys is empowering friends to build their personal brands and elevate their businesses. Through crafting a cohesive brand identity, spanning CVs, promotional cards, homepages, logos, and beyond, I continuously refine my skills and stay abreast of cutting-edge design technologies and creative software.

After the earthquake in Mexico in September 2017, a group of Mexicans and I raised funds to rebuild three houses for low-income people who lost everything. Our efforts meant a lot to those people, even though we didn’t change the world. This project also helped build connections between Mexico and Germany. We were able to rebuild houses, help build a home for girls, send aid to Colombia, and organize a significant Day of the Dead celebration in Germany. We also had the opportunity to meet diplomats from Germany, Mexico, and Latin America. During the pandemic, we moved our events online. I learned new skills like web design, digital content strategies, and production and editing. I continue to improve these skills with the latest technologies.

It was a small flower shop specializing in unique custom designs to make individual arrangements. I kept this business though I already had a full-time job at Continental. Thanks to this project, I could support my college expenses.