Work Experience

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I specialize in Marketing, Business Innovation, and International Entrepreneurship, with extensive experience in the B2B and B2C markets. My skills include creativity, flexibility, and a hands-on mentality. I excel at generating and implementing business and marketing models, building strategic partnerships, and leading teams in different countries.

I have successfully tackled various professional challenges, including Business Management, Market Analysis, Campaign Creation, Budget Management, and Trade Shows. My skills and experience can be a valuable asset to any project or venture.

Sabbatic Time

Due to personal reasons, I took a sabbatical leave from August 2023 to January 2024 to concentrate on three areas of utmost importance:

  • Professional: I lead marketing for MEXpreneurs, a platform connecting Mexican startups worldwide. Our goal is to secure investors and clients. Our podcast launched in Feb. 2024.
  • Interior design and real estate projects: Through our family-owned furniture factory, I decided to learn about interior design, as we saw a business on furnishing apartment complexes. Recently, I acquired an apartment, an excellent investment and a perfect place to create products tailored to the emerging market in Mexico.
  • Personal development: I engaged the services of a qualified physiologist to learn how to balance my professional career, personal growth, and family life effectively.

MedSkin Solutions Dr. Suwelack AG

Marketing Communications Manager Med Care / 2021- 2023 / Hamburg Germany

  • Develop and integrate marketing, new digital technologies, and communication strategies based on the customer journey and user experience in collaboration with external agencies.
  • Develop an International trade show tool called the mini booth for partners worldwide to showcase the product, collect data, and update material for decision-making on sales.
  • Create KPIs to support data-driven decision-making and plan the execution of audio-visual material for social media.
  • Coordinate international webinars, workshops, and digital conferences.
  • Manage events and conferences in Bangkok, Oslo, Paris, Dubrovnik, Guadalajara, Milan, Madrid, and other locations.
  • Develop and introduce a digital platform for healthcare experts and distributors with scientific data, webinars, patient cases, and more.

Continental A.G

Partnership Manager / 2019-2020 / Hamburg Germany

I entered a 1-year contract with the IBD team in Hamburg. The main goal was to be the bridge and support for the Bu’s between ContiTech and the outside innovation.

  • Foster positive relationships with internal and external business partners to help identify and execute innovation projects.
  • Develop strategies and materials for identifying and selecting potential partners via pitch scouting, attending startup events, and similar activities.
  • Manage relationships with international partners for strategic innovation projects and Proof of Concepts (POCs).
  • Oversee project management for digital and non-digital solutions, new products, market research, and government grant funding.
  • Coordinate events and act as a representative for Continental.
  • Create and develop concepts for international communication materials such as print, video, and digital content.

Kurago Biotek GmbH

CMO & CO Founder /2016-2019/ Münster, Germany

  • Business transfer from the first Mexican biotechnology business and brand will be transferred to the German market with internationalization efforts.
  • Development of business models for new product launches within Germany’s fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry.
  • Creating new brands and products, including market research, prototype development, market testing, and product launch.
  • Led a project to build a website and online store for food products specifically for the German market.
  • Responsible for leading and executing market tests related to packaging, distribution, communication style, and other aspects.
  • Generating pitches for investment capital search in the German market.
  • Develop communication material in collaboration with external agencies.
  • Ledding cooperates for market research with the Bussines to Science marketing center in Münter.

Continental A.G

Project Manager for government grants (2016), Guadalajara Mexico

My job was to connect and manage some innovation projects in Continental with government projects that could bring funds to the company. 

  • Project manager for Innovation project to apply for government grants.
  • Collect supporting documentation for expenses (XML, proof of payment, SAT validation clearings, PO, import request, etc.)
  • Manage and create collaborative efforts between research institutions, startups, and the government to carry out various projects.

Continental A.G

Project Manager for government grants (2015- 2016), Guadalajara Mexico

 I was in charge of coordinating the project in Mexico with students from different universities throughout the country, where new trends and technologies were prototypes 

  • Coordination of innovation programs with students from all over the country and even management.
  • Management of relationships with academy entities.
  • Coordinate multiple teams betwen continental project manager, and student teams for prototyping of new technology projects.
  • Ensure the coordination of events for project presentations and showrooms with utmost efficiency and assertiveness.

Video Making

Passion turns into experience

Something that I have found fascinating is the elaboration of videos. The process is very engaging for me as it goes from searching for the objective to creating the concept, script design, recording planning, visual images, music, and much more.
I want to share some productions where I have been directing the project, but I have also had the opportunity to film, edit, or act occasionally. Video making is something that I am very passionate about, and I am always looking to improve.